Live  pendant là Nuit des Musées au Luxembourg – 14 octobre 2017


Diffusion le 1 juillet à 23h30

Plonk et Replonk : “Le mystère de François Morel”



Au Casino du Luxembourg



Come Together van 16 sept 2016 > 17 dec 2016

Beursschouwburg & Cultuurcentrum Westrand



Exposition collective : Art&foot



Exposition en duo avec Hélène Bleys à Nancy pour les 6 week-ends d’art contemporain



1 et 2 juillet 2016

Performance à l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris

Dans le cadre de “Ouverture de saison” par Elsa Michaud et Gabriel Gauthier


Projection à l’institut français Timisoara

O cronica imprevizibila

Bruxelles, Place de la Bourse, 2 jours après les attentats


Performance Vendredi 4 mars 2016 à Namur.



Last week to visit the exhibition of

Clara Thomine

you are lucky (like me)

until 16th of January 2016


“Oser la réalité”, that is “daring reality”, is a maxim that outlines the work and practice of Clara Thomine (°1990) quite nicely. Interlacing performance and video, Thomine stages and films herself, animating personages close to a slightly exaggerated version of her personality. From the unpredictability of improvisation when facing a particular situation arise these quirky ruminations about art, life, and the state of things. The result after the editing process brings about videos that present an odd tension between fiction and reality, where the question isn’t any longer ‘is this real or fake?’, ‘true or false?’, but rather ‘what can we find in continutously displacing the lines of this boundary?’: an opening towards a new realm of possibilities through the absurd?

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and by appointment

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